Fundrum My Conundrum is a riddle book my grandfather and I wrote in 1992.



These puzzles have been in our family for many years and have occupied our minds at the dinner table and on vacations. We have tried to work them out in many ways and with many different people. But the person who gave these riddles to us first was my grandfather, Raymond Epstein. I would implore him to ask me more riddles and every time, he was able to come up with one just harder than the one I had solved a minutebefore. The answers sometimes came easy and sometimes took two to three weeks. During the thinking time, I would ask for the answer, but with a firm smile, Grandpa would tell me to think a little longer. And, sure enough, after a little more thought, the answer would present itself in mymind. I hope you can get the fun and satisfaction out of these riddles that I have. I would like to thank my Grandpa for all the time that he has taken to help me, talk to me, or even just be there for me when I needed him. So I hope you will get a kick out of these puzzles and remember, Fundrum My Conundrum! (Oct. 1991)


Although these brainteasers are primarily intended for youngsters, we note that a surprising number of adults enjoy the challenge they present. Moreover, many of them have found, as I did, hours of companionship with their children and grandchildren. And so it goes, from generation to generation. For me, my delight in Ben's quick wit, in (my daughter) Gail's capacity to see the project through, and in sharing puzzle sessions with (some of my other grandchildren) Molly, Alex, and Rachel has been an extraordinary pleasure. Happy solving! (Oct. 1991)





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